Marazion Town Council Campaigns

Dog Fouling

The number of dog fouls is increasing so the town council has:-

  • started spray painting dog fouls
  • contacted St Aubyn Estates about extra dog bins to be placed on the Folly Field
  • agreed to pay for Cornwall Council Enforcement Officers to patrol if necessary
  • Marazion School pupils have designed Anti-Dog Fouling Posters

Poster 1 Year 6 Mayors Choice

Poster 2 Year 6

Poster 3 Year 4/5

Poster 4 Year 3/4

Poster 5 Year 2

Poster 6 Year 1


Litter Bin Sponsorship

Marazion Town Council intends to work with local businesses and organisations to provide extra litter bins because:-

  • dropped litter is on the increase
  • dropping litter is anti-social and an offence
  • dropped litter affects the environment
  • encourages Civic pride