Marazion Town Council Campaigns

Dog Fouling

The number of dog fouls is increasing so the town council has:-

  • started spray painting dog fouls
  • contacted St Aubyn Estates about extra dog bins to be placed on the Folly Field
  • agreed to pay for Cornwall Council Enforcement Officers to patrol if necessary
  • Marazion School pupils have designed Anti-Dog Fouling Posters

Poster 1 Year 6 Mayors Choice

Poster 2 Year 6

Poster 3 Year 4/5

Poster 4 Year 3/4

Poster 5 Year 2

Poster 6 Year 1


Litter Bin Sponsorship

Marazion Town Council intends to work with local businesses and organisations to provide extra litter bins because:-

  • dropped litter is on the increase
  • dropping litter is anti-social and an offence
  • dropped litter affects the environment
  • encourages Civic pride



Public Consultations

Police and Crime Plan Priorities for 2021-2025

Open until September 2021

The Plan aims to:

  • Keep communities safe by breaking the cycle of crime through prevention and innovation, focussing on community priorities such as of drugs, ASB, road safety and violence, maximise visible policing, prevent business crime and reduce opportunities for people to reoffend;
  • Make communities more resilient by increasing public participation in policing, making the police and criminal justice services more sustainable, helping young people to reduce the chances of falling victim to crime, influencing Government on local issues and investing in crime prevention to strengthen rural communities;
  • Better connecting the police and public by increasing access points to contact police, developing easy-to-use digital services, building trust and supporting people with diverse needs, collaborating to tackle crime in partnership and improving public confidence through world class local policing.

Public Survey

West Cornwall Hospital Public Consultation Notice

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust is seeking opinions from the public for plans to improve services provided from West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance.

Public Survey open until 22nd August 2021