Marazion Chamber of Commerce

Marazion Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1998 as an association of businesses in the town and immediate locality.

There aim is:

‘To work together in friendship to promote, encourage, facilitate and help to develop and maintain a strong economic environment in which businesses and the community can grow and prosper’.

As well as joining with like minded business and having an increased voice on town matters, all members have their own listing on the Chamber website at marazion.info with a link to their own website, a listing in the annual Marazion Guide and map (with a print run of 20,000), plus the opportunity to advertise on the town boards that are located around the town.

Members can also post on Chamber social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Membership for self employed and small businesses currently costs just £50 for a year. Larger businesses pay a higher membership according to their size. Advertising on the town boards costs an extra £80. To join the chamber please complete the membership below and e-mail to Chamber Secretary Julia Grieg.

As well as supporting and representing local businesses in recent years Marazion Chamber of Commerce has supported and sponsored or part funded local community projects and groups including the Folly Field Children’s Playground, The Town Centre Public Toilets, Marazion Decorative Lights and Greenwood Penny Christmas Tree committee’s, Marazion Follyfest and most recently the Cycle Parking Racks.

Current Chamber Executive Officers

  • Chairman: Paul Elliott (Upper Deck B&B)
  • Vice-Chair: Wendy Stoten (Free from Fears)
  • Secretary: Julia Grieg (Keepsakes)
  • Treasurer: Tracy Dennington (GoSUP)