Marazion Town Council Allotments

Marazion Town Council is responsible for 23 plots at Island Field, 7 plots at Rose Hill and 1 plot at Green Lane West.

An allotment not only can produce fresh food for families to enjoy, recent studies have shown that allotment suggests that allotments can improve people’s quality of life.   Exercise, fresh air, fresh food and friendship.

The annual licence fee for an allotment is £15.00.

Marazion residents do take priority over any allocation of vacant sites and there is a waiting list.  If you would like to apply to the waiting list please contact the Town Clerk at townclerk@maraziontowncouncil.gov.uk. Any vacant sites will not be allocated until Spring 2022.


Allotment Enquiries

Email Marazion Town Clerk at townclerk@maraziontowncouncil.gov.uk or use the contact form.

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